Here is a magical shop, where you can buy little marbles. When you throw them at something it will affect the item depending on what powers it carries. The shop owner is a ridiculously huge rabbit, with a unibrow (played by me to sell things). He's really that ugly, but does not seem very offended. He wears a big gold necklace, and seems grumpy. Back to the store, this store is really small. But its very full. 

Here are marbles:

Colour Marble: Colours pelts and scales when in contact. 100 Gold.

Fire Marble: Throw it at something, KABOOM its on fire. 200 Gold.

Dance Marble: Throw it at a living thing and it will dance uncontrollably for 1 minute. 10 Gold.

Death Marble: Very dangerous. There is only one in existance, right here. Touches something living, now it dies. 10000 Gold

Life Marble: Put it on something dead or non living. Now it acts like any animal, depending on what your thinking. 1000 Gold.

Post in comments what ya wanna buy, Lunifer (me) see if you are trusted to use it wisely. Bye!