SuperCutieDraggy (Short Username Is Cutie, Scientific Name Is Articus Enjoyus) Is A Early Teenager That Grew With A Fondness For Blood With A Setback Of Losing A Small Amount Of Grey Matter.


Cutie Is Kind In General, But Has A Low Tolerance For Being Insulted. He Has The Penguin's Grudge, Meaning He Won't Forgive Any User Who Agrovates Him.



  1. The Coldness
  2. Yazoos
  3. Flaky (Love Intrest)
  4. Kind Animals
  5. Furbies
  6. Anakin (Friend)


  1. Heat
  2. Heights (Acrophobic)
  3. Rough Tension (Causes Discomfort When Sensed)
  4. Immoral Animals
  5. Strict Grammarists

Game DiscriptionsEdit

Cutie Fears Heights, Abnormaly High Tempretures, And Death. (Running Cutie)

Cutie Enjoys Low Heights, Soft Materials, And Long Walks In The Cold. (Falling Cutie)

Help Cutie Prolong The Inevitible. (Skiing Cutie)

Cutie Likes Yazoos...And To Keep A Life. (Riding Cutie)


His Autism Amplifies His Sense Of Touch, Meaning He Has A Lower Pain Threshold Than If He Did Not.

In His Future Games, He Has A Much Higher Pain Resistance Than He Does In Real Life.

He Has Tendencies To Sleep For Short Periods Of Time, Contrary To Rekanochi. He Usually Wakes Up Around 6, But Sometimes Awakens Earlier. On Occasion He Wakes Up Before 4 A Clock, And Once Woke Up Around Two.