Nightwing and his friends

Nightwing and his friends

STARFLIGHT's profile

Starflights profile

"But he abandoned us Scartail!!! Remeber the day!"

Starflight to Scartail~

About StarflightEdit

Starflight is a fluffy white with black tummy and spots Warrior Cat who likes to fight and destroy things with her claws and fangs and her lucky collar which has dark blue poison stripes.

Everyday when she meets the group of friends she aims her arrow at a tree and when teh friends turn around she's not there but when they turn again she is there.

So to put it straight like what Nightwing does is just carry on and ignore her when she aims her arrows at your head

which is what she is doing right now.


  • She hates bright colours and evil lurking about trying to annoy her.                                                  
  • Her brother is darksun who is a brown tabby cat with leopard spots.
  • Even though her name is Starflight it was just found out her mother's name was Leopardstar which is the leader of Riverclan in the Warrior cats books by Erin hunter.
  • She is a trader like Nightwing only when it comes to seeing the blue dust flower which can control one creatures mind and make it evil.