Scottnov is a undentified animal that originated from the The World of Meat Logic, after finding a strange portal with his friends Rekanochi and Wolfykitty, they entered it and found the Animal dimension.


Scottnov is a Togepi originated the Meat logic dimension, much like TheDragonTrainer, due to pokemon not being present here, he came into this dimension as a Wolf, however, he did not keep this form for very long (see below). In the Animal dimension, he is a multi-animal creature that wears knight-like armor (among other things). In the Animal dimension his name is Sir Spiritwolf, Or just Scott or Spiritwolf.


  • Can shapeshift, being the same soul with the same colors, personality and memories, but changes form into other animals. However, he cannot control this power very well, and used to not be able to control it at all. Now he has gained some control over it, but it may happen at random times, such as when threatened or if nervous.
  • Seems to have the ability to read some peoples minds at times.
  • Has a special glove that "has the power of 100 angered souls".


  • The reason he can shapeshift is because his pokemon DNA was scrambled and reformed, creating a mutant sort of power.
  • The reason he can read peoples minds at times is because of his old pokemon DNA as well.