Mayahzdog09 is a solid white wolf-husky mix with blue markings and pink eyes and long, slender legs and hair covering her left eye and 4 long scars on her right flank (Due to her past injury, which was right before she got ice powers and blue markings). She has ice powers. She is also known as Aniu.


Mayahz was born in a pack of wolves and huskies, and she was growing fast. Someone murdered her parents (father was a wolf, mother was a husky) and she missed them. She was adopted by a kind german shepherd. When he died, she was already a yearling and needed to figure out how to live on her own. She found this place, and is now a young adult and got blue markings and ice powers.


  • Can shoot ice jets
  • Can freeze herself and others
  • Can fly up in the sky, then go behind the enemy, and bite him/her
  • Bite
  • Breakdance to make an opponent confused
  • Can shapeshift into anything


  • Hotness (the only hot temperature she likes is warm)
  • Hates fire and water
  • Cant swim


  • She is good at fighting

(This is WIP)