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This wikia is a small roleplay place, for begginers like me. This is where you roleplay as a living animal (No people please) and do as you please. I am a begginer, so please don't judge too much. If I can trust you well enough, I can make you a special ranked person. We animals are special animals, and their are normal ones of us. Be a little realisitc and VERY fictional at the same time. Help others, or make problems to fool around with people. You can go in places, or make your own home or forest, or anything! Work with others to fight and find the cat lady's cats...

Places to adventure in:

Dungeon of Blood

Cat Lady's Cottage

High Hill of Horses

The Castle of Ice

The Forest of Night

The Sea of Colour

True world goal: Acomplish quests and be the most good animal you can.

Rules (Please Read)

You must roleplay in comments or the forum, either making a fourm or joining.

You have an amount of gold, starting with 0. No editing and making you rich or you pay. Get money in roleplay way.

Only creatures and animals. No humans.

Your goal is to live as an animal, but socialize. Don't eat others. Eat normal animals.

You CAN be a fictional animal, but that makes you no better or stronger than us. 

You can wear accesories, but no real clothing like shirts becuase this would'nt be animals then. You can wear collars, bracelets, earings, necklaces, but thats about it. You can have weird colours like pink too. Have special powers. Blahblahblah, you can colour things or barf rainbows. I am a god, you can be too (but im more than you and please don't be the god of the world).

No innapropriate stuff. 

Fighting IS allowed (cuz we are animals) but you can only take 3 dodges in a row. Then, you will have to take a blow and it restarts. No big blood please, and don't kill others without their permission.

PLAY FAIR, and don't lie about the system. Im watching you when you sleep...

You make your character as a page and if you want, on your acount page too. Don't destroy people's pages or you will pay.

Respect me (Lunifer)

Thats the rules.


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