Lunifer is the riser of the moon. He is a wolf. He is orange, wears a moon necklace, has a white underbelly, and has black moons all over his fur. He expects great respect, as he is the god of the moon (and this wiki) but... He is the age of just a 18 year old and seems to not care he is less mature than most. He is a little braggy, but a little wise and cares for others, but his other side a an immature brat god. He is quite greedy, but loyal, honest, and kind. Lunifer is a big, big, big, eater. He would devour the moon if he was not the god of it.


  • Raising the moon
  • Eating (a lot.)
  • Make anything with his night powers like a shadow tree
  • Doing a sort of sharp scary glare that scares children
  • Can make the black moons come off his body and slash bad guys (yay)


  • Is extremely greedy, and doesn't use manners with starngers, but manners with friends only.
  • Eats too much, and can't control stupid bellyaches.
  • Is very braggy and proud, often comparing himself to others as a game and competition.


  • Lunifer can bake cakes. Normally.
  • Lunifer loves to jump through any portal.