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The Library is full of mysteries... will you find out all of them?

The Library is a peaceful book place. You can borrow books of spells, education, fun, comics, and more. This is a very big library, but it only has some books. You can only borrow 3 books at a time.


Percy Jackson first season: 300

Percy Jackson second season: 100(because  it was lame)

Dragonbreath all books: 100 each The Edge Chronicals: 200 each(THEY ARE SO AWESOME! Just finished the seires)

Comic book of any kind: 50 gold

Harry Potter Books: 300 gold 

Fruits Baskets Manga: 200 gold

The Hunger Games Books: 300 gold

Twilight: 0 gold (cuz it can suck)

Magical wizard/witch spell books: 200 gold 

Warriors Books!: 300 gold

Dark Magics and Life and Death books: 600 gold

Life Hacks: 100 gold

The Golden Compass Books: 300 Gold