This is a store, where you can buy homes. If you can't think of a house and make one, just buy one of ours!


Not too bad.

Wood Cottage: Ever wondered where humans lived? Now experience the inside of a human home! It has 3 tiny bedrooms, and 1 bathroom. 1000 Gold.


This place is huge!

Cave of wonders...: A very magical place indeed. This place may be big, but can never be cleaned. It has a large pool in the corner, and a wide, shallow hole near the entrance. The entrance is from the surface of the ground, as this cave is under the dirt. You can do your buisness anywhere! 4000 Gold (wow pricey).


Simple and beautiful...

Magic lake: A very large body of water, an ideal place for animals that make their homes in the water. Very simple. 1000 Gold.

For the animals who like to have a calm life in the woods. Looks like a human cottage in a tree, it's a human invention, indeed. It has 1 tiny and 1 big bedroom, 1 bathroom, nothing too fancy, but very comfortable. 2000 gold.