Starflight and the blue dust flower

When Starflight saw the blue dust flower.....

"Come little onesss...."

~The blue dust flower to Starflight _____________________________________________________________

About the Blue dust flowerEdit

The blue dust flower is a flower that can swallow up people and make them stuck in there throat filled with gas that makes you turn evil until you come out of its throat and find another creature to take over.

Sometimes if you listen closely you can hear it speak and very rarely it can take the shape of the animal it swallowed.

Creatures it has swallowedEdit

1. Other ones of its kind

2.A random wolf

3.The real Starflight

4. Nightwing

5. Scartail

6. Mayahzdog09 (Well, almost)


  • no one knows about this plant until they get swallowed by it
  • The real Starflight died in this plant and the fake one carried on as Starflight which is not real and to tell that its fake sometimes if you look closely The real Starflight will have spiky pads on her legs and The fake one won't.
  • This is one of the most dangerous plants in this wiki.
  • Mayahzdog09 almost got swallowed finding it.